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  • The Honest Kitchen
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  • Natural Planet Organics
  • Nutri Source
  • Premium Edge
  • Primal
  • Pure Vita
  • Royal Canin
  • Science Diet
  • Solid Gold
  • Taste of The Wild
  • Wellness
  • WY Song

How Are We Different

Pet Food Max mostly carries all natural and premium pet food and all of our staff members are pet specialists with in-depth knowledge about all of our product lines.
Lastly, we try to have the best prices in town.

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What our customers are saying:

  • The best mom & pop pet store ever, even though I've not met the mom - yet. The owner and his sons, and other help are phenomenal - always pleasant, always have smiles, ever helpful and always polite. Did I say polite in retail? If you want polite shop here, hear?
    Van D.
  • A family-run store that opened up a couple of years ago...well before the big chain Petco opened right across the street. I have been purchasing dog, rat and fish supplies here since they opened and they typically have what I need or a reasonable alternative. With a small store, it's hard to keep lots of stock, so I have occasionally had to come back, but it's never been a problem.
    Scot B.
  • If you care about feeding your animals High Quality food, shop here (Iams and Science Diet are NOT high quality, but they do stock). They have amazing prices for really high end foods, Innova, Wellness, California Natural. I suggested they stock the big cans of cat food in my cat's brand, no problem they said!
    Mommy G.
  • Pet food max, you are very inexpensive and display a large variety of items-ranging from dogs to cats to birds and even chinchillas. I notice you only have a large variety on necessary items such as food and toiletries. On other items, such as clothing and treats, you lack. Nonetheless, I am surely coming back. Your prices allow you to bypass other competitions. Your service is friendly and your shop can be considered tidy. I am very please with you.
    Jennifer P.
  • This is one of the fewer places in San Jose that offers organic dog food for a reasonable price. It is a family own business so you would always see the owner there and he always tries to take care of every single customers and I do like the fact that he has dogs so he really know what he's talking about (not like I would recommend this , but they are just beating around the bush). If you are looking for fences/crates for your dog the ones from here actually works really well. I purchased at least 3 or 4 from them and it works just fine and it has been a few years already.
    Thuy Tien T.
  • I drive all the way from Morgan Hill just to get lola and bear's food. The bags of dry dog food is always, always, always, at least 8 bucks cheaper than the other stores. Canned food is pretty cheap too... Service is always friendly and the selection of goodies are always plentiful. Parking sucks, but that's not their fault.
    Cindy K.
  • I recently decided to get different kinds of human-quality canned food for my kitties. The I discovered this place. It offers a wide variety of premium pet food with decent price. It also carries cat litters at cheap price.
    Y. L.
  • Why do i love this place? If simply because it is family owned and the cute SJSU college student. While that may seem pathetic let me tell you the value of the prices from fancy food to your basic dog chow and stuff I never knew I would need.
    Patricia P.